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Conversion Rate Optimization- CRO, the next step to SEO and web designing.

The improvements in the field of Conversion Rate Optimization or CRO has been very minimal over the past many years. And one such investment where the websites could pay back handsome to their owners is the CRO.

After a user lands on your website, how many times does he buy your product or service determines the conversion rate. A Conversion Rate is the rate determined by the number of users visiting your website who finally do what you want them to do on your website. And to optimize a website or a webpage to increase the conversion rate is conversion rate optimization or CRO.

Say for example if you built up a website for selling a sofa. You did website designing and then paying regularing for the search engine optimization of that website and finally throwing lot of traffic on it, say 100 unique vistors per day. However out of the 100 unique visitors there are only 2 people who buy a sofa or enquire finally to you. Then the CR of your website is just 2% per day. Now it can also be inferred that instead of increasing your SEO budget per month if you could go for a CRO of your website which could increase the conversion of unique landing users to final leads to 3 people per day average. You are at a much better deal.

Unlike SEO, CRO is a one time expense and could add a significant charging to the SEO you do. Understanding fundamentally a CRO can increase your business queries to many fold just by a few CRO techniques.

There are various CRO techniques.

  1. Relevence: Landing up the user of your website on the correct or most relevant page through SEO is very important. If a user lands up on your website from a SERP (Search Engine ranking pages) for what we searched for and does not get what he is looking for, he is bound to leave in no time leading to decrease in conversion rate. Your site should be optimized for the most relavant matter. For the matter what he is searching for you. Moreover if you are selling chololates for example, try making the user land up on the most precise page he is looking for. So he gets what he came for and not necessarily the homepage everytime. If the customer looks for a 'silk skirt', and you have thousand items on your website and the home page sums up all, the customer might as well not find that page relevant and get frustrated and leave. So land him on to a page that has silk skirts.
  2. Simplicity: A simple phenomenon for increasing CRO is to make your website as simple and self explainatory as possible. For the fact if your website is a complex one, the user has more chances of getting confused or get diverted from the main reason of your website. Simplicity could be further attained from a proper web design layout which is not to hosh posh and shows your product or service simply through less text and numbers on it. People love to see more of pictures and less of numbers.
  3. Avoid extra applications/ add ons or advertisements on your website that drive the attention of the user elsewhere that come on your website unless advertisements is the real motive of your website. Pops ups are outdated today and idealy should be complete avoided. If you still wish the website to have come advertisements, keep it to the positions and amounts where they get attention when the customer has made up his mind to not to go for your main purpose of website.
  4. Error free drive: All is done, but one of places where some websites fail is the checkout process, either they take the customer through many steps or fill out too many forms where he loses interest or the complete checkout to payment gateway process fails out and you loose the customer just at the end. Hence double check the whole process.
  5. Driving excellence: From the beginning to the end it is the design and development route you take the customer which is very important in order to make a quick conversion of your click to a final lead. Many design factors help you on that like using a contrasting button with background for the one which is the most important and so on.
  6. Credibility: Even if the site is relavant and does not have a credibility, the user does not buy if he thinks he will not get what you are actually showing him. Thus Credibility plays a great role in conversion ration optimization. There are many you can increase the creditibility of your website like adding a phone number and address to make you more authentic and also add certificates from certifying agencies of your field like SSL certificate or the ISO certificate and similar and more. Ask a CRO company to help you on that.
  7. Ease of use: All set, the site is relavant and the website has credebility too and the customer also is now interested to buy, but keeps searching for the exact item he is looking for or finds the item and you take him to too many places before the checkout, the customer can get frustrated and leaves your website leading to a decrease in CRO. Keep it simple and easy, not confusing. It is a truth, we donot like much calculation, not too many numbers, so try to keep it simple with numbers and the figures to whatever are necessary, should be shown in the shortest and least number of ways.

We have seen many places where SEO company is able to get lots of traffic to the website but the clients are complaining about the fact that they are not getting enough business. Their websites are not giving a good conversion actual output or final order for which the websites are made. Get hold of a CRO and SEO services to increase the leads at less cost. Associated with KenyaTanzaniaTours.com

The job of SEO is to get users roaming around the internet world to your website, the work of CRO starts from there on.


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