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Effective SEO! long term


All of us (SEO ers) know the basics of SEO like proper use of The meta tags including keywords, description, title and all. And then a proper content and then linking. These are the basics, now let us get into the depth a little.

I would say, when you start making a website, there should be a clear goal of why you want to make that website. A clearly defined website would automatically generate original, unique (to some extent at least) and genuine content (if you really want to put it in) for the website.

  • Choose an appropriate name for the domain that defines the website to some extent if possible. For example if you are making a graphic designing website. Try choosing PappuDesigning.com That would help getting you a lead in comparison to your competitors. At least then if there is a repetition of the designing keyword a couple of times in your website, the search engine robots will not overlook it.
  • Using the keywords repeatedly with a couple of other words to make the search engine robots consider it unique and give a special consideration to your keyword for that website.
  • Choose the keywords you wish to aim at for this website.
  • Once the domain is chosen, build up a simple website with repetitive keyword use in all the pages for the keywords you want to focus. Repeat the keywords in that page a couple of times with ample amount of other text to camouflage it. It is also very important that you do not overload the page with that keyword that the search engine robots consider it span.
  • A couple of pages made with simple and authentic content about your website is very important.
  • Well connect the pages through proper linking.
  • Try writing the main keyword at the bottom of every page that links to the home page. This is an effective technique followed by the SEO ers these days.
  • Writing the title in one line which definitely has the keywords you want to focus in it and is also not repeated too much is important.
  • Then write the keywords and description of the page.
  • We start first with the title,then keywords and then description.
  • Build the page design the foremost and write the text where applicable in a good 5-6 paragraphs at least. Writing more is definitely better.
  • Once you have placed the appropriate text at right places, do put some pictures in it too.
  • Finally starts the link building process.
  • There are 3 things the robots consider mainly. Links coming from different websites, different different IPs and of relative content.
  • A basic what everyone knows but don't want to believe. There is no use of a back link from a page which is not indexed. SEO ers exchange links day in day out and do hundreds of link exchanges but in the end from where they get the link that page gets un indexed. It happens most of the times that not even 10 links are indexed out of 100 they did. Hence try choosing the back link page wisely so that it pays you for long time. choose to exchange with only 10 rather than 100 un indexed.

There is much more to it. but that is just to start with. The technologies keep changing and so will the algorithms of the search engines. But one thing will not change a website made for humans and their benefit will be the aim of search engines to bring to the front. Aim towards making a website for humans and then do simple SEO's without over trying, the algorithms will change to suit your websites one day.

We made the websites for humans, we made the search engines for humans, lets make the SEO for humans too.



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