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No more Sales Calls, more demand for SEO companies in India

After a long frustrating and annoying time for the end customers, it was finally this october 2011, when TRAI (Telecom regulatory authority of India) announced the real effective DND(Do not disturb) service for the end customers. It was actually the companies who bothered the general public calling them regularly at odd hours and repeated number of times and with extra unnecessary SMS they used to send to almost everyone.

The bulk SMS companies used to give 1 paisa, 2 paisa or similar schemes for bulk SMS to so many mobile numbers who did not even want to receive any promotional messages. The conversion rate of such SMS were not so much, yet, the entrepreneurs started taking such services and the SEO companies in India had a slight dip in the growth. Plus the phone calls outsourcing services that used to take a contract from any company started bombarding phone calls to anyone. If you are in India, you will definitely be understanding what I am saying.

However upon the recent regulation imposed by the TRAI, there is a severe penalty for the unwanted SMS sending to the end customer who has registered for DND. Hence the sales teams or for that matter any company will not be able to call any end customer who have registered for the DND. Now where do those customers go when they need a service or a product in India. The educated segments sits on the computer and goes searing online. And thus that gives SEO companies a better rate of growth in India more now.

Customers who have registered for the DND will now search more on the search engines and the websites which have SEO done will benefit more. How does it impact really? The end customer wants to search for example a web designer in Delhi. Earlier he used to get the unwanted SMS of a website in just INR5000 and without thinking at times and not considering the options as well in the market, customers used to go ahead with that. However now they do not get messages, so a web designing company who cannot send a bulk SMS, will now get his website optimized to be available for the customers who come in search for them where they want and when they want.

SEO is an art of getting any website up on the search engine ranking pages by programming it on page and off page too. People come in search of various things on the internet and upon searching on any search engine, they get a list of websites in order of ranks and they choose amongst them. The ones which are on top have better chances of getting a lead. In India almost all things run and people and companies take shortcuts and unethical routes pretty often to get the targets. That was the reason why companies used to set up a telemarketing sales department and keep calling different people or for that matter even the same person many times till the time he agrees to take the service.

It happened with me one day when I got bugged up by an HDFC credit card lady calling me so many times to take the card that I asked her, I told you today itself in a call in the morning that I do not want any credit card. To which she was surprised and said that she does not remember and I told her name to which she agreed and said sorry. Before she disconnected the phone, I asked her what is the best way to get my phone number off their records and that I stop receiving their phone calls? To which that lady said that I should take the card and the phone calls will stop and disconnected. Well that was the level till which the companies had reached in India. Thanks to TRAI for finally taking this step and thus after a stop to this kind of services, people have more options now to search and look for what they should actually do properly before they buy some service or product. In the recent times the SEO companies in India and SEO companies in Delhi and NCR have more scope of demand for those companies now feel the need to get them more up in the search engine ranking pages.



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