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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing or programming a particular website or web page in such a way that it ranks high on the search engine ranking results.

'Search' basically means to find, seek, look for, explore etc. So it would not be too wrong if you could call the search engines as find engines or finding engines too. However I think the word, search was chosen because it seems to have a larger context in comparison to the other synonyms. 

'Engine' is a mechanical or software entity that performs a task to give you a processed output. The software engines or the search engines process the web pages and websites in a more organized manner to rate them for relevance for various keywords. So that when people search for a particular keyword, the search engines bring forward those pages which have been already sorted across for those keywords.

'Optimization' is refining. The web pages of websites are refined to the best so that they are not penalized by the search engines. Now since there are many keywords and many many web pages for those single single keywords. The search engine robots then look for all those pages which have those keywords but with the most relevance. Meaning the one web pages or the websites which are the most relevant or popular for those particular keywords are brought forward. It is then those pages which are the most relevant are brought to the front and listed in hierarchy of the most relevant or popular.

For years man has been in search for new as well as the old. The day man started noting down history, its search for all what happened in history grew even more. For the scientist it never ended from the beginning. They are born with a zest to search for something they cannot live without searching off. Search the numbers; you come to know the distances between countries and planets. Search the cure to help sustain humans from various diseases. Search a recipe to quench the taste buds of your tongue. Search a program to get the answers for all. Search for a machine that could help the human mankind and let do many things with more ease.

This search in modern days is now curbed well by the search engines. Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN/ Bing and more. They are organizing the whole data on the Internet in a much better way to present it in front of the people who come searching for it.

Thus, search engine optimization is to program or optimize a web page or a website so that it ranks high in the search engine ranking pages (SERP). Search engine optimization is abbreviated to SEO and it is a common terminology in this field. The SEO companies are the ones which do search engine optimization for your website or web page.

SEO is further segregated in 2 parts, i.e
  1. On Page SEO
  2. Off Page SEO
On page SEO is a process or a collection of all procedures done to do SEO on coding of that page itself. This includes:
  • Title Tag Optimization
  • Description Tag Optimization
  • Keyword Tag Optimization
  • Other Tags Optimization
  • Image tag Optimization using title and alt text optimization.
  • Adequate text on the page containing keywords to focus.
  • Using heading tags where ever applicable.
  • and more .. 
Off page optimization generally consists of 2 major constituents.
  • Backlinks: That is how many websites and quality websites give your website a link back to increase the popularity of your website.
  • Organizing proper hierarchy and connection of pages in the right manner and enabling maximum page encashment of that domain.

Search has never ended and will never end too, it is this search that lead to Google become a super power in the world and challenge the establishment of the biggest players in the world of computers and internet like microsoft and Apple. The quest to find the answers to whatever led to the birth of a search engine website. You are done with one and it starts off with the other. For the people who are on spiritual paths, they have the quest to know the real truth. They want the meaning of one thing or concept and upon getting an answer; it leaves with the birth of another and then the other, and then the next and so on. For the time a spiritualist even finds God, I am sure he would ask why God? The search continues endless.

In today's world, we have the search engines, which are doing great by organizing the world data in a much organized manner to help fulfill the search of many in whatever aspect they come in searching for. Be it an answer for their quest to life or a service or a product or a manufacturer of a machine, or a cure for a disease and so on. People go on the search engines to get the answers and resources for the same.

Earliar it was designing website to a good layout, then came the time for adequate utilities on the web using good web development and now it is the search engine optimization which is required to get the websites or web pages up on the search engine ranking pages.

There are various SEO companies in the world and one such is PlaceOnTop.com, which also serves as a web designer. Get a list of various SEO companies in various cities under its list of SEO companies too.



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