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What is Search?

'Search' basically means to find, look for, seek, explore etc. So it would not be too wrong if you could call the search engines as find engines or finding engines too. However I think the word, search was chosen because it seems to have a larger context in comparison to the other synonyms. For one saying, it says that the search for the real truth keeps running.

For years man has been in search for new as well as the old. The day man started noting down history, its search for all what happened in history grew even more. For the scientist it never ended from the beginning. They are born with a zest to search for something they cannot live without searching of. Search the numbers; you come to know the distances between countries and planets. Search the cure to help sustain humans from various diseases. Search a recipe to quench the taste buds of your tongue. Search a program to get the answers for all. Search for a machine that could help the human mankind and let do many things with more ease.

We are in constant Endeavour to search for the best in various aspects of life every time, though spiritualists have an exception to this. The search for everyone is different. Whereas some keep searching and running for money, some look for happiness. People search for power, source of energy, cure for medicines and their woes, happiness, prosperity, business opportunities, partners, better services, poor, rich man or God.

Search has never ended and will never end too, at least till the time life exists or you understand the real meaning of this word. The search of a particular thing or thought or abstract or otherwise could have met, but the overall search never finishes. You are done with one and it starts off with the other. For the people who are on spiritual paths, they have the quest to know the real truth. They want the meaning of one thing or concept and upon getting an answer; it leaves with the birth of another and then the other, and then the next and so on. For the time a spiritualist even finds God, I am sure he would ask why God? The search continues endless.

In today's world, we have the search engines, which are doing great by organizing the world data in a much organized manner to help fulfill the search of many in whatever aspect they come in searching for. Be it an answer for their quest to life or a service or a product or a manufacturer of a machine, or a cure for a disease and so on. People go on the search engines to get the answers and resources for the same.



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