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Probably just another benefit of penalization of websites
(written 30-Jan-13)

Google penalization has brought justification to the process followed by various websites who are working slow and steady. A due recognition is long awaited and the penalization to the ones which are following short and quick link buy services, placed where they should actually be. The internet is meant to be a place where humans can get to reach the information what they came here searching for. It will be a defeat for all the search engines, human race and more if actual humans for whom the internet is built, are entangled with machine codes. Think of an example where a person come to search for a service of dry cleaners in his city and all those who genuinely built a website of this cause are being pushed back by those who have powerful codings for their website and the ones who simple put their websites on auto pilot and get their sites up for almost everything and the person sees all the portals in front who probably have a single word mentioned on their website for dry cleaners and have no connection to them, but they got up, because they have bought links for the same.

This has been the scenario from the past few years when the major search engines including Google started thinking over this matter with more precision and started developing the codes and altering the ones already present to remove the irrelevant search results in order to give humans a more genuine result. When code alternations were not enough, they took a step further and started manual penalization. The result, amicable to the humans again.

After all these steps followed by the search engines, specially Google, there is one more benefit we noticed for the benefit for all. It brought forward more variations and alternatives for the searchers. Since the penalization is happening so frequently now, you will notice that every time search for the same phrase on google in a couple of days there is some change of the other in the results. So for a person looking for a web designing company in India and searches for the results on Google and is dealing with the results showing on the 1-3 pages. By the time he is dealing the search results on the pages he has seen and he revisits the page again, the results have changed.

Humans like change and the search engines are giving them enough. Another great thing to notice is that now, slowly and steadily the major three search engines, i.e. google, yahoo and bing are showing different search results. This not only gives the user more options to choose from, for the same search he makes but it also proves that today there is no best way to confirm that algorithm followed by one is the best. There are different suppliers/ manufactureres for different services and products in this world and one is better than the other in one respect and it is vice versa in other way round.

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