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Article- Why do you need SEO/ search engine optimization?

Article- Why do you need SEO/ search engine optimization?

You've got a business and you know that you need a website. So you get down to a web designer and get a website done for your business. Good products to display, good graphic layout and heavily worked out photography to display your products or service.

You are sure, you are going to rock, but what happens actually is that not many people get to even know about it. How many customers can you tell from your mouth about your website and ask them to visit that specific website address you have. And if they make a note of wrong website even by a misspelling, your customer could land up in your competitor’s regime that smartly did the SEO of their website.

How? Ok let me explain.

Mr. Champ got his website www.champprinting.com made from a good web designing company and after getting is super duper website, he told a customer on phone to visit his website. The customer typed www.champrinting.com (spelling mistake) and there is no web address by that name. So what happens, the client browser automatically opens the default results which has a major constituent of the word ‘printing’ in it. And guess what? There were other lions in the jungle that got their websites SEO for the word printing who got their website up in the rankings for that word and the client for a moment did consider getting to that new deserving candidate and Mr. Champ lost a lead.

It’s a race in business and your website is a fine breed of horse in your line of business. However for the customer, he is standing just in the middle of the track facing the incoming contestants of your line of business and of his absolute requirement, looking a horse and not a donkey. And, and there are lots and lots of donkeys in the race along with your horse. Your customer, just standing and waiting for a good horse, just sees donkeys rushing through him, 1, 2, 3.. and on and on and on. How many times do you think your customer to be smart enough to prevent himself from getting disguised by those donkeys and fall in a trap of one donkey or to even give up after his long wait and setting for the best donkey he can find?

It’s not his fault, but yours. He came in search of you, and searched hard too. But you just couldn't cross a few asses, to be in front. You really think you should have got that business?

Positioning horses in a deserving position in this race of horses and asses- PlaceOnTop.com

Placing you on top, when it matters, where it matters!

Disclaimer: The names of people or websites used for examples are a complete piece of imagination and pay no resemblance to any real person or website.

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