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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Web Designing and SEO

The most general and specific questions asked related to web designing or SEO from us. Please check to see if you get your answer before you write a question in specific to our technical or sales team. mail@placeontop.com


Q: What if I choose a keyword for you to SEO my website for and there is my competitor also who hires another company to SEO his website for same keyword?

This is where the real competition amongst the SEO companies start. This is the justification of the real word SEO partner comes into play. Different companies hire different SEO companies which are actually their SEO partners and this is the place they fight with other companies for your organisation for the same keywords.

If it is that the keyword is very specific then there is a real fight and a test of nerves and real patiance, resource, knowlegde, intent and perseverance comes into play. However if the keyword is a general one or is a phrase or a keyword which is can be substituted for other similar keyword with very less effort, it is the smartness and the keenness of the SEO company to carve their efforts and direct the application of the same amount of efforts to something that will give more output to the customer.

Simply saying, it would be the brilliance of the SEO company or the promoter collectively to move on to another keyword which leads to better lead generation for less effort or to say, if 100 units of effort can give a 10 lead generation on that keyword and 90 units of effort can give them a relevant 11 lead generation on another keyword, it is better to shift on the new one and let others fight for that.

It is a collective knowledge and application for all that matters is the presence in front of the relevant audiance.

Q: Will PlaceOnTop.com be able to compete FOR the SEO of my website with some other company (which you think is bigger than PlaceOnTop.com)?

If it would have been in the hands of a superior company to control the results of search engine and not let any other smaller company come over it, Google or MSN would at the first place never allowed any SEO company to have even taken birth. It is in the span of all companies to compete with any other company for same keywords, be it a younger or an elder company. Perhaps what matters the most is the zest or intent of that SEO company to work for as much and the inputs in various aspects from the promoter of that website. PlaceOnTop.com can compete with almost any company for any keyword and so can any other company compete with PlaceOnTop.com for any keyword for the set of other parameters other than the age of an SEO company more important.  

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