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 Multilingual SEO Company in India for SSMech.com Multilingual Search Engine Optimization in Russian Language

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and website development done for ssmech.com by placeontop.com, an SEO Delhi based company

S.S.Mechanical Engineers Pvt. Ltd.

Multilingual SEO was done in Russian language for SSmech.com which is a Plastic Extrusion Machinery manufacturing company. The website is search engine optimized for the various SEO keywords as below in Russian language by our Multilingual SEO company in India.

Check at Google for the Focused Keywords:


Keywords in Russian Total Approx Results at Google Our Result on Page
Пластиковые машины 2,290,000 1
Однослойные выдувные машины 4,560 1
высокого машина Инфляция скорость 957,000 1
2 Цвет пленки дуя 217,000 1
Многослойная взорван машина пленка 15,400 1
ШИРИНА взорван машина пленка 19,200 1
машины фильмов 1,590,000 2
Пластиковые техника Экструзионная 124,000 1
Пленка термоусадочная делая машину 64,500 1
Высокоскоростной выдувных пленок машины 20,400 1
почтовый замок фильм делая машину 1,850,000 1
Пластиковые машины Экструзионные 23,100 1

And many more.. The above is only an example.
[Tested Nov-Dec 10]

See the detailed Multilingual SEO Results
English SEO Results page1SEO Company Result Page2SEO Result Page3Page 4- SEO results for SSMech.com
Russian SEO Results page1
Arabic SEO Results page1
Afrikaans SEO Results page1


  • There will be many more results related to shown above.
  • There will be more than one result for the SEO keywords shown above in later pages of search Engines. Google generally shows 3 results per domain name.
  • There will be results for the spelling mistakes users generally make while searching. Our SEO covers up for many of those.
  • There will be results on different google sites for all countries like google.com, google.co.in(India), google.co.uk (United Kingdom) etc.
  • And similar results in many more search engines like Yahoo, Bing, MSN etc.

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