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       SEO Techniques/ Search Engine Optimization Techniques

This page gives a brief and outline of the major SEO techniques.

What is SEO/ search engine optimization?
To optimize a web page or website or similar in such a way that it meets the standards and requirements for the search engine robots and their algorithms to list it better in the search engines rankings, is termed as search engine optimization.

There are various parts of SEO to get a website a better search engine listing like optimizing and proper programming of a website with web pages made the proper way and link popularity and more. Just to list a few direct and INDIRECT methods to get your site up include:

  • A proper design layout with a good feel good factor pays in the long term though it is mainly responsible to a better retain ship of the client on the website, it also helps indirectly in SEO for getting the real uninvited backlinks to your website. Think for a moment, if you have a good website with a good content on making good recipes just like the best of your competitor and in comparison to your competitor you have a good design layout, the user or any other programmer in order to give a genuine link resource to the users visiting on his space will want to go to your website first.
  • Similarly the web development section also plays a good role. No genuine link giver will want to link to your website if your website is not developed properly or does open up properly.
  • Using proper Meta Tags specially the Title, Keywords and description one. Though some robots do not use your specified keywords, others still do.
  • Title Tag: A title tag is the most important part yet not all. It is important to write a unique title of not too long yet self explanatory and preferably single like statement carrying your major keyword or keywords.
  • It is also important that we do not overload a webpage with unnecessary keywords resulting in at times the robots to pick up less important keywords than what you want them to pick. There are other repercussions too.
  • Description meta tag: it is very important to frame the description tag in the precise way genuinely describing the content of that page with context to the whole website. A proper disbursement of the keywords then in that description is important.
  • While making the main page now which is visible to the user, get a balanced distribution of keywords in that page.
  • Once you make all single single pages like this, it is very important to connect them rightly in the order of relevance. A proper page weight is given to each page in order of its relevance. The more the weight of the page by how it is linked is then what gives it a relative page rank.
  • And finally comes links from outside your website.
  • The more the better and good quality websites link to you for the content you list, the better your website ranks.
  • There is much more than all this and also more attributes on the points above.
  • The field is vast and needs time, experience, expertise, dedication, resources to get a website up on the rankings.
  • Get the full service including the effective SEO techniques with the experts at placeontop.com

As per the Google's guide for starters for the SEO, here are a few points in addition as summary.
(Referred from the Google SEO guide)

  • Creating simple pages with quality content of your context.
  • Inter connecting all pages properly for a simple and better navigation of the user who wishes to browse through the site.
  • Using proper meta tags and specially the title, keyword and description tag.
  • Proper Anchor text and title usage if necessary for navigation.
  • All pages and their meta tags should be unique, avoid duplication.
  • Optimization of images, videos and other elements of the webpage.
  • Usage of heading and bold tags appropriately.
  • If the site is a complex one with too many pages, an effective use of robots.txt
  • Usage of rel="nofollow" and "dofollow"
  • Other considerations for mobile sites: make google aware of the same and optimize the site for the same and guide the users accordingly.
  • Get backlinks to your website from other websites and get them the right way!

A few tips

  • Use recognizable words in the page names and also the absolute URLs of your webpage.
  • Create a proper directory structure of your website. The directories should be arranged in a proper hierarchy and with relativity.
  • Avoid Canonical issue. Where there are more webpaths leading to same page. Means there is one page and you can access it writing different absolute web paths. You should use the rel="canonical" or the 301 redirect paths.
  • When you create a directory structure, try writing an index file on that directory which gives navigation options to all pages down in that directory, it helps while shortening of a particular webpath at times by users to avoid getting a 404 error message.
  • Creating 2 sitemaps is a good idea. One for users and another for the backend search engine robots.


Remember: It is the ultimate user for which a website is made, it is the ultimate user for which the search engines made the search engines. It should be your SEO that should be for the ultimate user too.

In this modern world if you own a business or run an organization, it not only requires you to have a website but also get it search engine optimized to not only get more business from the internet but also increase your online identity.

There is a special section of the services of placeontop.com that provides free website designing and free SEO for websites for temples, non profitable NGOs or other related good cause websites.

At PlaceOnTop.com we strive to get our clients up on the SERP (search engine ranking pages) and also importantly aim for the right keywords which are suitable for a business.

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