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  • Consultancy choosing the right Domain Name
    A good online business or establishing a quick and prominant identity on the internet starts up with the right, fit for your business, innovative, simple and easily memorable domain and domain name. Though the most common domain is .com yet it is not the best for all types of requirements. One should choose the right domain for their needs and further a dimension of innovation is for the rest of the years to benefit. We help you choose the right and innovative domain name for your need.
  • Domain Name Registration
    We can register new Domain Name for you or if you already have one, we can confirgure that including configuration of the MX records for the customized emails of your domain with access through outlook or webmail service too.
  • Domain Name Renewals
    Once the online identity is established for the years that pass by, the domain name becomes more and more important. It becomes your online asset and it is very important that one takes care of the renewals of those domains ontime. Because if the renewal date of those domains is missed, you can end up paying penalties or the risk of getting it auctioned or loosing it out altogether and start all your years efforts again. You can instruct us to auto renew your domain names or send you a timely reminder.
  • Web DeSiGnInG and Web Development
    It is not just WHAT you show but also HOW you show, that matters today. An attractive website retains visitors for longer and exhibit more what you want to show and thus further a higher rate of client satisfaction and leads generation. A simple website generated from readymade templates can enable customers to get their whole website done just at a few thousands, however going upon the higher side a creative layout could cost in lakhs.
  • Logo Designing
    We can assist making, choosing a professional Company Logo or scan up your already known logo to your website.
  • Hosting
    Hosting of your websites is recommended on our own fast and reliable servers with one of the maximum uptimes in the industry, however just for any reason you wish we use your servers, we can do that after further discussions. We provide one of the best servers for our esteemed client's websites to run on. For the times when it matters a click, we dont wish to take chances when our client's site is down.
  • Help choosing the right keywords for your business
    This is where the Search Engine Optimization Work really starts. Your business, service or reason to develop an online identity is negotiated if you focus on keywords which don't relate to your reason much. In comparison to many others, we help our clients FIRST choose the main keywords that are most relavant to their need and focus those first, avoiding a precarious situation for the clients where the developers choose easily attainable keyword results and bypass the main keywords loosing many opportunities for the owners.
  • Search Engine submissions
    Google, Yahoo, Bing(MSN) are the major search engines which constitute to more than 70% of the searches conducted worldwide today, we submit to all! Plus thats not just all what we are limited to. Your site is submitted to more than 70+ search engines like Ask, Jayde, Alexa, Entireweb etc.
  • Submissions to blogs and websites
    In Addition, we submit you to blogs and other websites of varied or similar content to drive more traffic to your website. On and all more visitors.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
    Search engine optimization is the major ingredient of online promotions. It is the programming and optimization of your website in various types to get your website URLs come on top of other search results. There are millions of websites on the internet and billions of webpages and growing constantly. For every search made by your client, you have from thousands to millions of webpage results generated by the search engines. And visitors rarely go down to the 10th page even. And what matters more is if your results come on page1-3. Placeontop.com just aims to do that. See our results for a few optimized websites.

    The importance: As per sources, In the year 2006 there were 2.6 Billion searches made per month JUST at Google and the figure has reached to a staggering 31 Billion in just 3 years. So one can just imagine the role internet and search engines are playing and will play in the coming times in everyone's life and how much important does it make for all good businesses to have their websites optimized.
  • Trafficking from other websites
    In addition to visitors coming from direct clicks from the search engine results, we also push in traffic through other websites which are of related content or otherwise too.
  • Google map listings and promotion: The next stage of online promotions. NEW!
    Maps have now outplayed the antiquated printed road directions. We have the latest satelite views with very very accurate and self live viewing maps today on the internet and google playing the leading role again. In maps online, Google recently started updating their unchallengable satellite views with listings and positioning of businesses, public places, monuments, road names, localities with names and now even those can be configured for results with keywords. A comprehensive SEO cannot avoid that.
  • Flash Animations
    Simple is best though adding flash animations adds yet another dimension to your website to impress your clients and dreamers to dream more, eventually creating a better image of your company or organisation they are going to deal with. Better impression leading to better matureness of queries to orders and better profit margins. The price range varies with the quality(innovation) and longevity of the animations generally.
  • Creating company Favicons
    An option what many webmasters forget to give their clients. A Favicon! A favicon is a smaller form of logo representation on the internet explorer tabs, favorite icons folder and a few other places. The importance is when clients are switching through different websites at the same time, it is very easy to recognise your website amongst others through the tab icon without even opening them. Example: see the Y! or g written for yahoo and google sites on the explorer tabs.
  • Query Forms
    Customized Query Forms for your website that send data direct to your email address. Forms are a professional and easy way for taking your visitor's/ client's input for various needs. You can choose a simple or customized form to take the input from your clients. The forms can then be validated as well before you recieve blank or junk data sometimes.
  • Integration with Facebook.com
    A website that reached a registration of millions of users in a record time of just 2 years and a website that serves 6 Million page views per minute, the biggest socializing site in the world will always add a positive dimension to your website. We can create a similar user name at facebook.com and integrate it with your website to keep a track of your likers there.
  • Language Translation
    The internet is not yet a complete english language platform and there are many other countries and many communities within the same country operating internet and search engines in different languages. People wish to read websites in their prefered languages like Arabic, Russian, Spanish, French, Chinese or others. We configure your website simultaneously to show up in many other languages with the latest translation technologies regularly updated by google.
  • Multilingual Search Engine Optimization SEO
    The site showing up in different languages does not pull up your website in search results when someone searches for your product or service in other languages. The site needs to be SEOed in other languages afresh. The concept is not a common one with all SEO companies yet. Hence it is recommended to target and hit that raw and unexplored percentage of users FIRST, before your competitors do, across the globe, across languages and across many other hurdles!

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